Our Range of services

  • Development and review of Management systems / Frameworks.
  • Materials, Corrosion & Inspection consultancy.
  • Assurance services – Integrity, Verification & Due diligence audits. Environmental & Statutory compliance audits.
  • HSE Case development: Bow tie analysis, SCE identification , Performance standard development.
  • Remaining life assessments & Life extension studies( RLA) – Onshore, Offshore and Floaters.
  • Maintenance and Integrity benchmarking, KPI development.
  • Cathodic protection solutions.
  • Quality & Asset Management solutions, Certifications- ISO 55000.
  • Technical Studies – RBI, RRM, SIL, PIMS, HAZOPS, HAZIDS, LOPA. Safety studies etc.
  • All Advanced & Conventional NDT services with Rope access - IRATA Qualified.
  • Tank bottom inspections – 3D MFL and Robotics.
  • Fitness for service assessments, Corrosion assessment, RLA.
  • RCFA & Metallurgical Failure Investigations.
  • Specialized Certified manpower supply - API, NACE, ASNT, PCN, ASME, AI, ACCP.
  • Sub sea IMR work – ROV surveys, Diver surveys.
  • Shutdown/Turnaround services.
1) Pressure systems Integrity Management
  • Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation of all static pressure systems.
  • Risk based Inspection management.
  • Specialized Experts API 510, 570, 653, Multi discipline ASNT/ PCN /ACCP/AI Inspectors.
  • Above ground storage tank Integrity solutions.
  • Cathodic Protection design, Inspections and retrofits.
  • Fitness for service analysis.
  • Residual life assessment and Life extension.
  • Composite repair solutions.
2) Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Implementation of Pipeline Integrity Management system (PIMS).
  • Intelligent Pigging and operational pigging services.
  • Conventional MFL , UT and Unconventional - Swim pigs, crawlers etc.
  • Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation of Pipeline sections.
  • Risk based Inspection management of cross country pipelines - Hazard Identification.
  • Cathodic Protection design, Inspections and retrofits.
  • Pipeline handover due diligence.
  • Fitness for service analysis and structural Integrity review.
  • Residual life assessment and Life extension studies.
  • Sub sea pipeline Integrity management - Inspection, Maintenance & repair (IRM). ROV and Diver surveys.
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair strategy development and solutions.
  • Pipeline decommissioning consultancy & execution.
  • Composite repair solutions & Engineered repair clamps.
  • Integrity and safety Audits.
  • Authoritative Review.
    • O&M Strategy, RAM history.
    • Operation history, Leak history, Service changes, Chemical injection, Historical corrosion rate & remaining life.
    • Active risks, suitability of existing barriers.
    • Inspectability and Piggability studies.
    • Effectiveness of corrosion sampling points, coupon access points.
3) Structural Integrity Management
  • Implementation of Structural Integrity Management ( SIMS).
  • Strengthening, Modification and repair solutions (SMR).
  • Brownfield work facility upgrades.
  • Turnkey Project solutions for Structures.
  • Certification, Verification & Assurance (CVA).
  • Advanced Analysis both for SIM and Design projects.
  • Technical Risk and Safety.
  • Conceptual, FEED, detailed Engineering, Fabrication, construction and installation oversight.
  • Detailed design Engineering.
  • Asset Integrity Management – SIMS.
  • Advanced analysis – Structural , Earthquake, Ultimate strength, Pushover , Finite element etc.
  • Risk Based integrity solutions.
  • Fire, Blast & Gas detection studies and assessment.
  • Life extension and reuse.
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics.
  • Fire and blast wall design.
  • Ship impact analysis, damage investigation and repair.
4) Operational & Maintenance Integrity Management
  • Development of Operating Integrity and Maintenance Integrity Guidelines.
  • Safety Critical Elements management.
  • HSE Case developments.
  • Safety Integrity studies.
  • Process Hazard Analysis.
  • Process safety assessments.
  • Development of Management of Change guidelines, implementation and tool box.
  • Safety studies - PHA, LOPA, JHA.
  • Safe operating limit and Alarm management / rationalisation.
  • Maintenance Backlog management and deviation Management.
  • Integrity Assurance Audits.
5) Design Integrity Management
  • Design Integrity Reviews.
  • Project Integrity reviews.
  • Review of Design specifications.
  • Materials and corrosion design review.
Full Life Cycle Service
IXIN - Green Renewable Energy Services

During recent years, energy demand has increased significantly throughout the world. The world faces serious challenges in energy production. Currently more than 60% of electricity is produced from fossil fuels. The growth of population and industrial need will worsen the situation during the years to come.

The Paris Agreement strengthens the global climate effort by requiring all countries to set climate goals and by establishing new mechanisms to hold countries accountable and to build ambition over time.

For this reason, new renewable energies have been created and their development has been increased during years.

Solar Sector

Our Solar Division, part of our IXIN Green Energy Sector is into sustainable energy solutions.

At present, we are dealing with ON-Grid system, Hybrid system, UPS solutions and Industrial projects. In Solar energy, our IXIN AURIEL have several years of excellent track record in design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of large size projects.

AURIEL is able to provide world’s most efficient & latest technology solutions in on-grid and off-grid Solar solutions without any compromise in quality for an affordable price

IXIN AURIEL is backed by a team of highly qualified engineers who are Certified Solar PV Experts and technicians together with the use of best in class components and efficient on-site installation workforce to ensure that each power plant installed meets the highest of quality standards. Hence, by AURIEL, you can have guaranteed peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the solar power plant.

Having undertaken several projects our technical team is thorough about integration with power grids as per the International regulations. We are dealing with several International Solar leaders like LG, ABB, Sunpower, AO Smith, Schneider Electric, HBL etc in our endeavour.

Wave Energy Sector

Wave energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Since waves are present always, wave power is more consistent in electricity generation when compared to other renewable energy sources. They can be a good source of energy generation for off grid coastal areas and islands of sea shores.

Wave energy devices produce energy from the movement of the waves and can be designed to operate in different water depths: deep water, shallow water, on the shoreline or coastal constructions, such as port breakwaters. The design of the device will depend on its target location and the characteristics of the waves

IXIN -Wello Oy produces wave energy converters, creating clean energy from the oceans waves. Wello is an innovator in the field of wave energy converters.

These wave energy converters have minimal impact to the environment whilst offering viable economic opportunities at local deployments sites and to communities. IXIN-Wello is dedicated to producing clean energy solutions and nature always comes first.