About Us

Who are we

IXIN is a separate vertical of IXAR group, a well established name and a leader in its own right, specializing primarily in advanced NDT and offering services in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Engineering disciplines in India, Middle East, S E Asia and Africa.

At IXIN we practice an integrated approach with advanced technology application, engineering assessments and analysis as well as IT Solutions for asset integrity management.

Our core strength is the professionals who bring in experience, technology, expertise and international best practices, having work experiences in reputed multinational oil and gas companies around the globe .

The industry experience, huge manpower resources and the state of the art infrastructure of IXAR enable us to undertake investigations and services of any magnitude.

We are dedicated to provide holistic cradle to grave asset management services to our clients to improve their productivity, asset integrity, reliability and HSE, thereby lowering the asset life-cycle costs. The associations that we have with our specialists technology Partners, enable us to give cutting edge solutions to our Customers.


Our vision is to provide our clients world class service to maintain technical integrity, reliability and operability of their assets facilitating these companies to achieve operational excellence and sustainable development.


We provide holistic Risk - based Asset Integrity consultancy and technical solutions to Hydrocarbon, Power, Marine, Infrastructure Sectors making IXIN as a one stop shop for Customers for all integrity related issues.

Our endeavor is to maximize their profits, while meeting and surpassing the regulatory requirements as well as all HSE aspects.


At IXAR Integrity we are committed to strive for excellence and outperform the expectations of our clients. We shall maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity, while continually improving our services and product quality.

Our Quality management and business processes shall ensure and assure our clients the consistency of our services. We shall realize this by:

  • Continually imparting training and ensuring skill enhancement of our employees and partners to remain competent.
  • Ensuring latest and best in class technology collaborations and partnerships.
  • Effective implementation of applicable International Quality System standards.
  • Meeting Statutory and Regulatory requirements
  • Establishing measurable quality objectives and performance indicators at relevant functions.
  • Ensuring sustainable progress and improved operations efficiency through a comprehensive process of internal and external audits.
  • Continual improvement of quality management system.

All our employees, partners, sub contractors, consultants and our subsidiaries shall follow this policy and comply with it.

how we add value to client's business:

We help our Customers identify opportunities, mitigate risks and build in assurance to the Management regarding soundness of barriers. Broadly, these comprise:

opportunities :
  • Asset Life extension & Residual Life extensions.
  • Fitness for service and continuation of service assessments.
  • Increasing asset uptime by Non intrusive Inspections and advanced NDT.
Management of Risk:
  • Hazard Identification & Barrier management.
  • Risk mitigations& management.

Assurance to Stakeholders regarding soundness of the barriers by

  • Comprehensive multi-disciplined studies.
  • Reviews and audits at all stages of asset life-cycle :-
    • Design Stage - Based on studies we provide assurance to Stakeholders that integrity risks are either eliminated or manageable during its life cycle.
    • Construction Stage - We provide service and Inspectors.
    • Service Life - In service Audits, Risk Based Inspection schemes and corrosion management.
Management Systems:

We help Customers establish Integrity Management systems &Framework, which is best suited to manage their asset type. It will be fully tailored to suit the type of organization and the prevailing Management System.

B. global expertise:

Through our global expertise in managing complete life-cycle of assets, we offer comprehensive solutions adopting ISO 55000 framework. We also develop Customer specific program through our multi-disciplined approach. We bring in best-in-class Operational Excellence Methodologies with our collaborations with reputed institutions as well as with Global Experts.