Our Range of services

  • Development and review of Management systems / Frameworks.
  • Materials, Corrosion & Inspection consultancy.
  • Assurance services – Integrity, Verification & Due diligence audits. Environmental & Statutory compliance audits.
  • HSE Case development: Bow tie analysis, SCE identification , Performance standard development.
  • Remaining life assessments & Life extension studies( RLA) – Onshore, Offshore and Floaters.
  • Maintenance and Integrity benchmarking, KPI development.
  • Cathodic protection solutions.
  • Quality & Asset Management solutions, Certifications- ISO 55000.
  • Technical Studies – RBI, RRM, SIL, PIMS, HAZOPS, HAZIDS, LOPA. Safety studies etc.
  • All Advanced & Conventional NDT services with Rope access - IRATA Qualified.
  • Tank bottom inspections – 3D MFL and Robotics.
  • Fitness for service assessments, Corrosion assessment, RLA.
  • RCFA & Metallurgical Failure Investigations.
  • Specialized Certified manpower supply - API, NACE, ASNT, PCN, ASME, AI, ACCP.
  • Sub sea IMR work – ROV surveys, Diver surveys.
  • Shutdown/Turnaround services.
1) Pressure systems Integrity Management
  • Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation of all static pressure systems.
  • Risk based Inspection management.
  • Specialized Experts API 510, 570, 653, Multi discipline ASNT/ PCN /ACCP/AI Inspectors.
  • Above ground storage tank Integrity solutions.
  • Cathodic Protection design, Inspections and retrofits.
  • Fitness for service analysis.
  • Residual life assessment and Life extension.
  • Composite repair solutions.
2) Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Implementation of Pipeline Integrity Management system (PIMS).
  • Intelligent Pigging and operational pigging services.
  • Conventional MFL , UT and Unconventional - Swim pigs, crawlers etc.
  • Conventional and Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation of Pipeline sections.
  • Risk based Inspection management of cross country pipelines - Hazard Identification.
  • Cathodic Protection design, Inspections and retrofits.
  • Pipeline handover due diligence.
  • Fitness for service analysis and structural Integrity review.
  • Residual life assessment and Life extension studies.
  • Sub sea pipeline Integrity management - Inspection, Maintenance & repair (IRM). ROV and Diver surveys.
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair strategy development and solutions.
  • Pipeline decommissioning consultancy & execution.
  • Composite repair solutions & Engineered repair clamps.
  • Integrity and safety Audits.
  • Authoritative Review.
    • O&M Strategy, RAM history.
    • Operation history, Leak history, Service changes, Chemical injection, Historical corrosion rate & remaining life.
    • Active risks, suitability of existing barriers.
    • Inspectability and Piggability studies.
    • Effectiveness of corrosion sampling points, coupon access points.
3) Structural Integrity Management
  • Implementation of Structural Integrity Management ( SIMS).
  • Strengthening, Modification and repair solutions (SMR).
  • Brownfield work facility upgrades.
  • Turnkey Project solutions for Structures.
  • Certification, Verification & Assurance (CVA).
  • Advanced Analysis both for SIM and Design projects.
  • Technical Risk and Safety.
  • Conceptual, FEED, detailed Engineering, Fabrication, construction and installation oversight.
  • Detailed design Engineering.
  • Asset Integrity Management – SIMS.
  • Advanced analysis – Structural , Earthquake, Ultimate strength, Pushover , Finite element etc.
  • Risk Based integrity solutions.
  • Fire, Blast & Gas detection studies and assessment.
  • Life extension and reuse.
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics.
  • Fire and blast wall design.
  • Ship impact analysis, damage investigation and repair.
4) Operational & Maintenance Integrity Management
  • Development of Operating Integrity and Maintenance Integrity Guidelines.
  • Safety Critical Elements management.
  • HSE Case developments.
  • Safety Integrity studies.
  • Process Hazard Analysis.
  • Process safety assessments.
  • Development of Management of Change guidelines, implementation and tool box.
  • Safety studies - PHA, LOPA, JHA.
  • Safe operating limit and Alarm management / rationalisation.
  • Maintenance Backlog management and deviation Management.
  • Integrity Assurance Audits.
5) Design Integrity Management
  • Design Integrity Reviews.
  • Project Integrity reviews.
  • Review of Design specifications.
  • Materials and corrosion design review.
Full Life Cycle Service